Olivia Estebanez was born in Bordeaux, France. She moved to London in 2006, where she currently resides and started her career in photography.
In 2014 after years of assisting leading fashion photographers, she founded Oui Digi, a digital rental company, extending her experience in the industry.
She always had an interest in the world of interior design, and over the years continued to nourish this. Recently, coming back to professionally shooting interior.
Olivia will soon release her first publication, a three-year project on horse riding which took her to eight different countries, travelling on horseback.
She has worked with a number of editorial outlets, including The Financial Times magazine, BBC Food, Annabel … And a variety of others clients, including State of Craft and Meridiani.

telephone: +44 (0)7717 870 084
address: 3rd Floor,
22 – 27 The Oval,
London, E2 9DT